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Getting past your urges takes a holistic approach. Our program, rooted in neuroscience, combines on-demand help for compulsive moments, tools, personalized insights from health data, and structured community groups for an experience that supports you no matter where you are in your journey.

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Emilie Faure

Founder & CEO

I started Juniver because it’s the recovery program I needed. My struggle with eating disorders gave me deep insight into the gaps in care and how an on-demand, digital solution could improve the lives of millions who desperately want and deserve to get better.

Helena Pilih

Head of Product

It took me years of trial and error to recover from disordered eating, despite searching for help and buying books and online programs. I'm excited to help create a better recovery experience, drawing from my professional background in mental and behavioral health.

Isa Robinson

Nutritionist, RNutr, mBANT

I specialise in eating disorders as a registered nutritionist (RNutr), certified Intuitive eating counsellor and nutritional therapist (BANT, CNHC). My mission is to help people rediscover confidence in nourishing their bodies and make room for what really matters.




Dr Maddalena Miele
MD, DPhil, MRCPsych

Consultant perinatal psychiatrist at St Mary’s Hospital, London. Involved in developing mental health services within the NHS to enhance care for pregnant and postpartum women with eating disorders and other psychiatric conditions. Honorary senior clinical lecturer at Imperial College with a research background in neuroscience.

Dr Julianne Fishman

Clinical psychologist specialising in disordered eating and body image issues. Experienced in outpatient and inpatient clinical settings, for adults and children or adolescents, including treatment centres for eating disorders and substance abuse. Former Coordinator of Eating Disorder Services at Harvard University.

Dr Catia Acosta
MD, DPhil, MRCPsych

Consultant psychiatrist at the Perinatal Mental Health Service, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London. Previously consultant psychiatrist at Vincent Square Eating Disorders Service, London. She specialises in the assessment and holistic treatment of eating disorders during pregnancy and postpartum.

We believe recovering from an eating disorder is possible and should be empowering. You can do this.


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